Our heroes

There are many definitions of heroes. There are superheroes, sports heroes, political heroes, childhood heroes. There are people whose actions and accomplishments promote them to a place that is honored among their peers and awed by those who look up to them. Then there are the heroes who are heroes simply for living to the next day because every day is a new fight.

I am lucky to know an entire family of such heroes. Some babies are born without much ado; maybe a long labor, maybe a loud, screaming delivery. Other babies come out with more difficulty, umbilical cords unfortunately wrapped, hidden weak internal organs, some babies don’t come out screaming. When things get difficult, heroes are born, whole families of heroes. Children who grow up with odds against them grow into young adults with big hearts, hearts large enough to take in the whole world around them. They see more than most of us can, and they feel more than most of us allow ourselves. Their parents are challenged to be patient, understanding and strong beyond belief. Their siblings are given a crash course in acceptance and loving one another for their differences and respect for the contributions we are all capable of.

Heroism knows no bounds. No matter how long the fight, how hard the struggle, how seemingly impossible, a hero will never throw up their hands and give in. There will always be another hill to climb, the hero charges it. And a family of heroes- unstoppable.

The hero I know, he just got himself the anatomical heart that might just match the love he has been giving us all for so many years. And his family of heroes, that amazing, inspiring group of people who would never give in; their legacy is their love within each other, an honor no one else could ever bestow.


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