Monthly Archives: July 2013

A five inch recommendation: Birroteca

Hampden is an area with a little for everyone. This feeling culminates in the new restaurant and bar, Birroteca. A smooth place young and old can dig, Birroteca mixes traditional Italian fare with more modern and daring dishes to be paired with their extensive beer list.

A sign of a dedicated chef, the menu is varied but not overwhelming in choices, allowing appropriate attention be paid to each dish from the kitchen. Specialty pizza as well as bruchetta are fantastic to share with friends. The pizza has a nice thin, slightly flaky crust, served crisp. Also great to share are the roasted brussel sprouts, prepared with a bit of spice and served with a balsamic based dressing.

Cocktails, like menu options change with seasonal availability and flavors. The bartenders and wait staff are all very friendly and knowledgeable about the menu, including drink options. Micro brews are certainly the highlight, with a list of what’s new on a chalkboard in the bar. Sitting in the bar is a great option for a relaxed evening, though you will find the barstools a tad short for the bar counter.

Pasta dishes are fresh and light. Even the gnocchi is made with an airy texture and the kitchen is amenable to a little customization when it comes to pasta and sauces.

For a celebratory dinner or drinks and apps with friends, Birroteca is the new place to while away some time in Hampden.