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A five inch recommendation: Unexpected Art

There are a lot of unexpected parts to Baltimore. When people visit and they get to know the city, they always say with surprise and awe; there’s really good food here, or there is some amazing art here, or I can’t believe how much live music there is. This little big city is an unexpected jewel to many, and a treasure to those who always knew what it held.

Lately, there is another unexpected gift from this city. Unexpected Art Gallery is nested in a pop-up on the first floor of the Fitzgerald in Bolton Hill. A half-sister to Silo Point Gallery in Locust Point, partners Jeanine Turner and Jeffrey Kent have created a unique space to showcase local artists. Like Silo Point, Unexpected Art features an industrial open space with copious natural lighting from the large windows in this corner location.

The work of local known and loved artists mix with that of new-comers to the Baltimore scene. Paintings and photographs of various media and subject matter accompany hand-crafted furniture and sculptural pieces. The work is refreshed often, alluding to the wealth of art in the city, ready to find a new home on your walls. Jeanine and Jeffrey work diligently to source new artists on a regular basis, creating a plethora of original finds, carefully curated and served to you Tuesday through Saturday.

Aside from gallery showcase openings, Unexpected Art hosts Happenings; events that feature various performances by musicians, dancers, poets, and spoken word performers. You will never know who or what you might see at Unexpected Art, which makes this one of the best unexpected jewels of the city.