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High style: Desperately seeking the perfect trench

When the fall weather begins to roll in a gal needs just the right coat for those days that are a little bit rainy, a little bit cold, and those evenings that need just the right topper. But, when you have that perfect garment in mind, boy is it hard to satisfy your expectations with real life options. One thing most notable are the few coats which are actually made with material treated for rainy weather. I have come to learn the best option is to buy the trench you love and then treat it with a water resistant spray like ReviveX.

The second lesson I learned is customer reviews are highly useful. For some reason outerwear is a popular subject for customers to provide feedback. Definitely take the bounty of customer reviews as a lucky turn in your search. Customers offer great feedback on fit and quality. They can turn you away from a coat that won’t compliment your figure or a coat made of sub-par material.

Trenches come in a number of styles. A classic trench will fall about your knees, be fairly straight shaped from the chest down, and gain its shape from the tie or belt at the waist. This style will compliment those who are curvy or heavier on bottom; you can also look for a coat with broader shoulders to balance your shape in the coat. For a slighter build, or more definition in the waist, there are trenches made with a narrowed waist or a flared skirt to emphasize curves. There are also short jackets made with a trench-style cut for a sporty casual look and long trench coats for a very chic style. Finally, there are deconstructed styles and, specific for this season, styles incorporating a whole lot of metal. Like the latest Jeffrey Campbell creation, these trenches have some edge to them.

Whatever your style, I’d like to present a few options within reach. And, one last piece of advice: don’t move too quickly just to fill that space in your closet, check out the sale sites and even wait out a season to see if you can pick up a cute trench at a hot price.

Your classic style


JCrew (wait for the Factory Store to carry their trench to pick up the piece at a discounted price)

Nipped in at the waist

zara tench

Zara Two-Layer Trench

A long style

dkny trench

DKNY Hooded Long Trench

Studded to perfection

sam trench

Sam Edelman Studded Shoulder Trench

And, sometimes you rely on your sister to find you the perfect trench…

cole trench

Kenneth Cole Double Breasted Skirted Trench


A 5-inch Recommendation: 13.5

You could call it a hipster haven, but then you disregard the actual quality of the place. 13.5 is on the Avenue in Hampden and it’s fabulous! Not the boring Baltimore fare and flare Cafe Hon serves up, but a refreshing East Coast meets Provence texture of small plates, perfected selection of wine and well imagined martini and cocktail menu.

A very swank and hip mid century feel with exposed brick, the restaurant is at once cool and laid back; you will eye up the other patrons who were able to snag the tables with the deep comfy leather chairs or the love seat in the back. Though the austere straight back leather chairs are not uncomfortable. I do lament the bar stools are stools with low backs, very low backs, more like lips, rather than a full back. You never really get to lounge in that sort of bar stool. But, it does offer for better socializing with those around you; and 13.5 is the sort of place that encourages you to socialize with your neighbor. It is a great place to make a complete stranger your next pal.

Certainly go for a cheese selection for your first visit. The wait staff is well trained in the cheeses served, which change on a daily basis; and they pair well with the charcuterie. The margarita pizza is to die for. It’s almost dessert, and you find yourself ordering a second at the first bite! They generally prepare duck exceptionally, but if it’s towards closing, skip it. The menu changes often, so if there is something adventurous on there, go for it. The chef likes to have fun, and is successful with his concoctions. After a day of strolling the Avenue, 13.5 is the perfect place to relax for a moment, before perusing the other side of the street!

From Zagat

From Zagat