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A rose would smell as sweet

Describe yourself in five words or less. We’ve all been there. The obligatory interview question. We’ve all rehearsed the answer. Naming a blog is like that. How do you pull in an audience in just a couple words? How do you create an identity in a phrase? Not just an identity, but one you will submit for public acceptance or scrutiny. Like your favorite pair of stilettos, you recognize it as soon as you step into it.

Life in Stilettos is not just about shoes. It is about the life you live in the shoes you choose. Life in Stilettos is about the way a great pair of shoes makes you feel. Sky high pumps or ballet flats, knee high stacked heel boots or classic Chucks; your favorite pair of shoes will always lift your spirits. You walk a little prouder, hold your head a little higher, pull your shoulders back and stand a little straighter.

My mom is a great inspiration to the title, and to my love of shoes. She was the woman who taught me that, putting name brands and high price tags aside, style is about the clothes that make you feel incredibly in your own skin. Style isn’t about anyone but the woman wearing her clothes, her own signature look. When you forget the feeling of putting on the perfect dress or pair of jeans that make you feel the most fabulous you; you begin to forget how to simply feel good about yourself. Slipping on a terrific pair of shoes can give you the feeling of conquering the day.

Life in Stilettos isn’t about the latest fashion trend or the hottest designer of the moment- those things are fleeting- this blog is about what embracing your style brings into your life. It’s about stepping into an amazing pair of shoes, and knowing you will take them wherever you want to go. The shoes might give you the little confidence boost you need after a hard week; but it’s up to you what life you will lead in the soles at your feet.

Life in Stilettos is a nod to the living art we call fashion, and a tribute to the women who understand that while we are more than the treasured stilettos at our feet, they do give us that boost of a few inches that just might change the world.


A 5-inch Recommendation: The Get Down

I just want to dance tonight! Heard in many a shared apartment, over several a dinner, texted countless times. In just about every city, no matter what the clubs do, the scene gets stale, and over again those looking for some fresh beats are left to wonder: Where can I get down tonight?

Somewhere between Harbor East and Fells Point in Baltimore, your answer sits; aptly named The Get Down. As fresh as it gets. Faithful supporters of the b-boy and hip-hop community, the music at this club is trendy without being bubblegum and repetitive, as you would expect from your basic top 40’s club. The DJ’s, like Harry Hotter, who spins on Saturdays, brings a refreshing collection of remixes of old and new recognizable pop, hip-hop, rap, rock, reggae, and other beats. No matter what you are into, the DJs will bring a smile to your lips, a tap to your toes. And, if you need some inspiration, not to worry, you’ll find a cipher Fridays and Saturdays where you can check out some serious moves; breaking, popping and locking, wacking, house, and more.

This past year, the Get Down celebrated it’s first year anniversary, and saw the likes of DJ Enferno come through. The New Year’s party was incredible. $55 for an open bar until 1am and the best music around, who couldn’t ring in 2012 with pomp? Recently, The Get Down was host to The Break Down III, a competition of b-boys, drawing contestants from local states.

If you haven’t shaken a tail feather at The Get Down yet, what are you waiting for? 701 South Bond St; just a block up from Pazo, and a block down from Blue Moon (the perfect late night).

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A 5-inch Recommendation: Urban Atrophy

My first “this rocks” shout out is not fashion-based. Life in Stilettos, after all, is about Life. And, as even the most fashion-obsessed princess (with a dressing room) knows, there is more to Life than dresses and shoes and purses and, and, and…

So, Dan Haga, a local photographer, has published a phenomenal collection of images of Charm City and the surrounding areas. Everything you know and love, if you grew up in the area, or have come to love after adopting our fair city, or burbs, as your own: the Enchanted Forest is in there, St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, American Brewery; all as they stand presently, in ruin. A bitter sweet labor of love, you will be immediately taken in by this work, and try to steal it from whomever owns it (Mom).

Buy the book from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Schiffer Publishing. The ISBN number is 9780764337383.