A 5-inch Recommendation: The Parisian Flea

In honor of this holy Hallmark holiday, today’s 5-inch Recommendation is all about those pretty sparkly things some of us love to see nestled in a bit of tissue, cotton or velvet. Not just any sparkly things, but VINTAGE!

This time of year, you can go anywhere and find a mass-produced over-priced gimmick selling you happily ever after if you just shell out enough cash. Isn’t it refreshing to give your sweetheart something where the phrase “it’s the thought that counts” actually means something? At the Parisian Flea you can.

With prices for every budget and sparkles for every girl, you will find something unique for your love, be it budding, in full bloom or a garden lovingly tended over the years. Andrew, the owner of the Flea has been to jewelry shows, Estate sales, auctions- everywhere to find, restore and bring you the best of vintage jewelry. Every piece is special, has been lovingly restored and is surprisingly priced! You will find vintage costume and fine jewelry at the Flea. Even tiaras! And what princess is complete without a tiara? (You know this fashionista owns her own 1930’s tiara- yes, from the Flea!)

You can find a unique piece of vintage guaranteed to take the breath away at the Parisian Flea’s two local locations: Avenue Antiques in Hampden (901 West 36th St, Baltimore MD) or Antique Depot in Ellicott City (3720 Maryland Ave, Ellicott City MD), or online on Ebay and Etsy.

Like the Parisian Flea on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Parisian-Flea/138387306237391?sk=info, to keep up with the latest additions to his collections or email Andrew at TheParisianFlea@gmail.com if you are interested in something specific.

A small preview of the selection at Avenue Antiques- Look for the Wedgwood case for the collection from The Parisian Flea.


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