A 5-inch Recommendation: Riding Solo

Gina Geppi brings her “Jaqueline of All Trades” gold touch to her Baltimore Magazine column, Riding Solo, the outgrowth of her Baltimore Bachelorette blog. Gina’s column is like sharing a martini with your girlfriends. She’s hysterical and unguarded.

Gina’s honesty in her column is perhaps the most appealing part of her writing. You feel as if you are chatting with a gal pal when you read Gina’s writing. She’s not afraid to be exactly who she is, single and loving it, sometimes flawed, last minute paying bills, your girl next door. She’s your best friend. It’s refreshing to read a columnist as unguarded as Gina. Rather than relying too heavily on clever quips, Gina writes in a straight forward tone, simply interested in opening a conversation with her audience.

Much like she is in person, Gina is no bullshit. She writes about what she knows, and what she knows is a fun flirty single life, with all the heartache that comes with it. Fun and lighthearted one moment, a serious revelation the next, the column is all about those insights, dreams and concerns every single woman today has. No one is one-dimensional, with just one mode of thought; Gina writes as she really is, without a cold calculation of keeping her audience at a distance.

Check out Riding Solo; laugh and ruminate with a new best friend.http://www.baltimoremagazine.net/this-month/2012/03/riding-solo


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