High Style: In shape

Size two or size twenty, the Oscars Red Carpet looks were stunning this year. Rather than choosing the latest trend this year, it seemed the Red Carpet was full of women who were choosing gowns which were made for their bodies- how refreshing!

Angelina Jolie’s Leg has a Twitter account after the Oscars this weekend. And, she’s received a lot of criticism for striking her leggy pose on the carpet and on the stage Oscar night. Can you really blame her? In Atelier Versace, Jolie was elegant and sexy; showing just the right amount of leg, with a slit that was daring, but shy of slutty and with a modest bust to balance the look. Striking a pose on the red carpet, Angelina was even striking some wide smiles, showing just how fabulous she felt in her look.

Stealing an Oscars moment and the Red Carpet this year was Octavia Spencer, from the Help. The Tadashi Shoji gown she wore cut a perfect hour-glass and was just stunning on the carpet. The draping of the skirt gave Octavia more length and pulled the eye to that fantastic waist. The short sleeve helped to taper in the top of the gown, and again, draw your eye right back to that hour-glass.

Now, I can’t write a Red Carpet review without a nod to young style icon, Emma Stone. In the flowing Giambattista Valli with avant bow at the neck, Emma was giving us all a lecture in what posture can do for you. This gown would only work on someone with a slim figure and nice straight shoulders, which Emma showed off with her usual class. The tapered waist gives the dress the shape it needs between the bloused top and flowing skirt. In motion, you get to see the slit down the bust of the dress which is oh so flirty!

And- Milla Jovovich. Model, actress, designer; what else do you expect but perfection from Milla? In a structured but not fussy Elie Saab, Milla carried on the trend of the evening, as it seemed, white for the Red Carpet. This wrapped-up look hugged her hips, and even gave her bust a little more volume, with the beaded sweeping pattern of the dress. Tapering in, without going into that awkward mermaid cut, the back of the dress also gives a nice shape to Milla’s little tush.


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