A five inch recommendation: Kiss N’ Makeup

I’m a big fan of shopping local. One of my favorite places to visit is Hampden; that one street, 36th, the Avenue, has some very Baltimore, very beautiful finds. On my last stroll down the Avenue, I stopped in at Kiss N’ Makeup, a hun-chic salon and accessories shop. At Kiss N’ Makeup, you can get a mani-pedi while people watching the Avenue, get whatever you need waxed, and then enjoy a make-up application featuring NYX cosmetics.

After coming late to the game, and learning the major brands in the States are now once again product testing on animals, to acquiesce to standards in China, I now buy only cruelty-free. NYX is a cruelty-free brand. It is also a quality brand of make-up. Long wear, good variety in color. It’s great to find a local salon with cruelty-free product.

Not only that, but the owner of this salon is fantastically welcoming. Debbie’s style is all over this casually chic space. She spots tendy and classic fashion jewelry and accessories to include in her shop. Debbie is happy to chat with whomever comes into her salon. She’ll point you in the right direction for your cosmetic needs, and chat about her fantastic products or your last break-up. She’s the reason we shop in Hampden!

Grab a latte from Common Ground and spend some quality time treating yourself in Kiss N’ Makeup.




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