High Style: Beach waves

Summer. Bar-be-ques, baseball, bikinis, beach hair. Cheaper than submitting yourself to the faux glow of a spray tan, adding body and texture to your hair to create that wind surf tossed look is a great way to welcome the season.

Once your only option was Fakkai Summer Hair Beach Waves, or something more bougie. Now there are some great drug store brands to encourage your hair into the subtle waves of summer hair. Giving straight hair at least a volume boost, if not providing wave, and encouraging smooth waves and curls from more textured hair, these beach hair sprays can be used on damp or dry, or blown-out hair. And the best ones have a great beachy aroma to them, giving you a complete air of summer ease.

Some of the sprays will contain actual salt in them, so be sure to use an oil or conditioner, like Moroccan oil, first; but not so much that your hair is weighed down. For curly hair, use a light gel or serum that encourages friz-less curl before. If using on damp hair, spray evenly and sparingly, at least at first go. Too much spray can cause tangling. Use your fingers to create texture, and scrunch a bit, if needed. Continue to pay with your hair as it dries to give more texture and volume. If using after a blow-out, the sprays will provide some nice volume, and a bit of texture, but again, be careful not to over-do and re-wet your hair! Use your fingers to fluff through.

Being a fan of the original Fekkai, I was dubious to try another brand. Nonetheless, I ventured forth. I have found a few alternatives that work just as well, if not better and will keep you feeling beach easy with smaller price tags.

I came across Not Your Mother’s brand a few months ago at CVS, and saw their Beach Babe spray. Indeed, this is a winner at the fabulous price of 6.00! I love the texture the spray creates in blown out or air dried hair, and the light sea salt and perhaps ylang ylang scent immediately puts me in a great mood! Alterna Summer Hair Ocean Waves is a little cheaper than Fekkai at 20.00, and gives you a great sheen in addition to the texture. The aroma reminds you of every summer vacation, Coppertone tan spray, but fortunately, the aroma is more airy than it’s inspiration.

Sprays I have not yet tried, but look promising are: L’oreal Play Ball Beach Fizz, available on Amazon for 21.17; Wella Professionals Ocean Spritz, Amazon 12.00; Marc Anthony Dream Waves, ULTA 8.99.


Kate Hudson, perhaps the icon of beach waves. Complimented nicely with just a touch of sun and light make-up.


And for the shorties, Reese.


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