A 5-inch Recommendation: Made for Giants Studio

I love Baltimore for all the hidden talent waiting to be discovered just around the next corner, in the little studio up the street, at a show a friend invited you to. I met Nicole Fallek at a small feature show in a coffee shop in Fells a few years ago. She liked my shoes, I loved her photographs.

Nicole was showing landscape photography that evening. Her compositions were of natural elements overtaking industrial constructs. There was a peaceful reclamation and elegance in her work, especially for such a young artist. In her current professional portfolio, on facebook, Nicole presents both design and photography work. Find Made for Giants here: https://www.facebook.com/madeforgiants

Her promotional design work combines her photography with daring graphic design to create flyers and posters which capture the spirit of any event. Whether the goal is fresh, hot or thoughtful, Nicole kicks it out. Her business cards give you a reason to carry something other than cash and your mobile.

Out of her creative artwork, I can’t choose from the design vs the edited photography. She doesn’t photoshop models into impossible sizes, but plays with colors, shading and form to create pieces of great imagination. Any model is lucky to be seen through the lens of Nicole’s camera. Currently, though, Nicole makes posters hot again with her design.

From Nicole’s page: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=264797720267853&set=a.264797653601193.63455.139997646081195&type=3&theater

Just another reason to LOVE Made for Giants Studio!


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