High Style: Sequins after the ball drops

This winter, sequins aren’t just for NYE. Women are donning this sparkling style for a night out, or even, as fashion blogger Becs (stylewithbenefits.com) demonstrates, as a day to evening look. Keep in mind when picking out your sparkles, don’t go overboard. Wearing one sequined item is certainly enough shine for the night. Don’t turn yourself into a disco ball. Shiny sequins will draw attention, so pick an item that will show off your best features, and draw away from any problem areas. The trend within the trend this winter is large sequins. Instead of the tiny sequins lined or layered one atop the other, large sequins hang looser, allowing for use with different fabrics and styles, creating a fun flirty look that is less severe than it’s tiny counterpart.

Becs, donning her “sequins with a side of preppy.” Skirt- Madewell.

Alice and Olivia Morgan Sequin Top, at Saks

Bebe Shoulder Cutout Sequins Sweater

Territory Ahead KUT Marquee Sequin Top

Tommy Hilfiger Sequin Mini Skirt

Express Gold Sequin Mini Skirt

And, if you’re looking to really go out with your sequins, try these styles:

Bebe Isis Sequin Feather Dress

Parker Navajo Sequin Dress


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