A 5-inch Recommendation: Peter’s Inn

The way to this girl’s heart is anything French. So when I stepped into Peter’s, sat down and began to peruse the wine list, I knew Peter’s was going to steal my heart. This charming bistro, with a history dating back to prohibition could be considered one of those “best kept secrets” of Charm City.

The wine list- though depleting sometimes too early in the evening for late diners- is a fantastic array of great vines, with a good selection of French labels. The Alsace wine I chose was full, smooth, well balanced and best of all, generously poured! Peter’s knows how to serve wine, with glasses with a deep bowl and tapered mouth.

But, on to the food already! Often locally sourced and sustainable, the ingredients are all exceptionally fresh for the week; which predicts the changing menu. Staples like the beet salad, steak and garlic bread will always be found, but the rest of the menu is dictated as much by the produce and fresh proteins available as it is by the whim of Karin Tiffany, the kitchen counterpart of the ownership. The lobster cobb salad with quail egg and prawn was the perfect test and testament for Peter’s. Drizzled expertly with just enough house cream dressing, the salad was well balanced with greens, a bit of sweet onion, grape tomato, the fantastic tiny boiled quail eggs and a generous helping of lobster with a large prawn thrown in for good taste! The Alsace rounded out the seafood well. Lamb chops were the choice of my dining partner, and they were served with a nice pink in the middle, and clearly divinely marinated.

The dessert menu had me at chocolate mousse. Topped with hand-whipped cream, the mousse was a nice deep flavor of chocolate, sweetened just enough, with a little help from the cream. Accompanied by a few fresh berries, what a decadent end to a meal! Only one thing could have thrown the meal at this point… coffee. I can’t stand drinking some freeze-dried can coffee which has been sitting on the plate for an hour at the end of a great meal. No fear of this at Peter’s. Your table is served a French press of coffee- good coffee.

Located just off the bustle of Fells at 504 South Ann St, Peter’s doesn’t take reservations, and the row home style of this old farmhouse doesn’t offer extensive seating. You won’t find yourself on top of your neighbor, but the space is cozy. Arrive early for a drink to wait for a table, or arrive for a late dinner and sit right down. Of course, the bar is a great place for dinner, if you’re so inclined.



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