A 5-inch Recommendation: Tatu on Water St

Bringing classy back to Power Plant is no small feat but Cordish has figured it out with the latest venture, Tatu, the upscale Japanese infusion restaurant which transitions to a stylish night club. Rehabilitation and repurposing is the signature of the Cordish Companies, so it’s no surprise the spaces in Power Plant are transformed so easily. Yet transformation does not always lead to perfection in quite the way Tatu has turned out.

The interior is posh without being pretentious. A harmonious blend of minimalism, rich color and material with delightful Asian inspired accents; Tatu has a playful attitude, much like its fantastic cocktail menu that’s not only fun to read, but drinks almost too easily. The food is delicious and not just for sushi snobs. Any pallet will find something to delight in. Of course, the way to go is certainly the daily specials.

The manager, Gus, will drop by your table or the bar to check in on your experience. But the servers have already done such a superb job of taking care of you that his appearance is just icing on the cake. Tatu is run with an air of family and fun that encourages you to absolutely lose yourself in this exhilarating atmosphere. On top of it all, Gina Geppi works with the whole team to plan events and parties, as well as special happy hours. Be sure to follow her on Facebook to win one of her contests for a discount happy hour.https://www.facebook.com/ginageppi


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