A 5-inch Recommendation: Kelly Walker Fine Art

The Three Wise Men keep watch over my entryway in my apartment. This glorious structure of a painting is the focus of my largest wall. At somewhere around 3ft by 4ft (I am not adept at dimension) this is my grand piece of original art. With an array of colors from magenta to emerald to gold, this was the painting that brought my entire vision of my living room into sync, anchored with lotus flowers at the bottom of the canvas.

Kelly Walker uses texture and color in her work in a way that is enthralling and serene. She is no wimp when it comes to incorporating all nature of material; her paintings feature metal leaf, plaster, car paint, lacquer, gesso and resin. Her work was recognized by the Baltimore Museum of Art in 2010 when she was awarded a People’s Choice prize in the Baker Artist Awards. Currently, her fine art is displayed in two permanent exhibitions at NV Salon Collective and the Ritz Carlton Residences. Her latest collections are also on rotation at Clementine in Baltimore, Well-Being Holistic Pharmacy in Hunt Valley and Starbucks in Timonium.

Each painting by Kelly Walker is unique and heartfelt. There is a warmth which emanates from even the darkest color pallets. Her work makes you want to reach out and be a part of it. A Walker in your home will not only be a great discussion piece, but you’ll enjoy moments of meditation each time the art catches your eye.



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