High Style: Hot pants hottness

If there is one trend I still can’t get behind it’s socks with sandals, a’ la Mulberry. Sure, it looks appealing in print, in a devil may care sort of way, but you know it will never execute that way in the harsh light of reality, where posing in front of a fan all day would just look bsc (bat shit crazy).

I am happy to report, on the other hand, hot pants are back for another Spring and Summer. And that is a trend I can get behind, and one that will make your behind look fabulous! The Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquiere loose-fitting pair is so popular, Vogue has a two page ad while W has them featured as part of a 14 page seasonal collection. Prada and Versace both have the traditional body-hugging style hot pant in light colors. Pale pinks for Prada, and white with gold stud embellishments for Versace. Guess is sporting a black corset-style hot pant. DSquared2 is also in on the trend with their denim version.

If only we could all shop Balenciaga, Prada, Versace. For those of us middle-incomers, there are some hot pant options. After a quick Google, I’ve found a few to start with.

The High-Waist Short from Victoria’s Secret offers the short short style of the hot pant, with a more accessible waist for our low-riders out there.

Loving the cranberry from Urban Outfitters in their Cooperative High-Rise Denim short. But, de-hipster the look with a clean pair of nude heels or a nice strappy sandal. If you feel the need to toe the hipster line, please go with a pair of desert boots.

And, for my Etsy fans:

Shop On The Trashy Side, http://www.etsy.com/shop/onthetrashyside, for these High Waisted Denim Shorts.


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