A 5-inch Recommendation: B.Pos Jewelry

Every woman loves to be asked: Where did you find that?? when wearing a piece of jewelry. When so many trends are repeated ad-nauseum, it’s a real source of pride to find something that stands alone.

When I met Brittney, she was wearing one of her pieces, a hand-crocheted multi-strand necklace, with several loops of Swarovski crystals binding the strands in the middle. It was gorgeous, it was unique, and I had to have it. “I made it,” was her reply. “Will you make more?” I instantly asked. She smiled, and I knew we were in business. I quickly commissioned 3 necklaces; 2 gifts, and one for myself, of course.

Since giving my sister her piece of B.Pos (not just a shortening of Brittney’s name, but also a signature of her style and personality), Chicago has been interested in the style. My sister gets asked all the time: Where did you get that necklace??

Well, you are all in luck, with the advent of Facebook Marketplace, it’s far easier to grab your piece of this unique line. Buy B.Pos jewelry at https://www.facebook.com/bposjewelry?sk=app_251458316228

The crochet necklace

Rope bracelet

Metal and crystal work, earrings

Visit the B.Pos Store on Facebook to purchase, and contact Brittney to inquire about commissions!


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