A 5-inch Recommendation: Urban Atrophy

My first “this rocks” shout out is not fashion-based. Life in Stilettos, after all, is about Life. And, as even the most fashion-obsessed princess (with a dressing room) knows, there is more to Life than dresses and shoes and purses and, and, and…

So, Dan Haga, a local photographer, has published a phenomenal collection of images of Charm City and the surrounding areas. Everything you know and love, if you grew up in the area, or have come to love after adopting our fair city, or burbs, as your own: the Enchanted Forest is in there, St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, American Brewery; all as they stand presently, in ruin. A bitter sweet labor of love, you will be immediately taken in by this work, and try to steal it from whomever owns it (Mom).

Buy the book from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Schiffer Publishing. The ISBN number is 9780764337383.



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