A 5-inch Recommendation: The Get Down

I just want to dance tonight! Heard in many a shared apartment, over several a dinner, texted countless times. In just about every city, no matter what the clubs do, the scene gets stale, and over again those looking for some fresh beats are left to wonder: Where can I get down tonight?

Somewhere between Harbor East and Fells Point in Baltimore, your answer sits; aptly named The Get Down. As fresh as it gets. Faithful supporters of the b-boy and hip-hop community, the music at this club is trendy without being bubblegum and repetitive, as you would expect from your basic top 40’s club. The DJ’s, like Harry Hotter, who spins on Saturdays, brings a refreshing collection of remixes of old and new recognizable pop, hip-hop, rap, rock, reggae, and other beats. No matter what you are into, the DJs will bring a smile to your lips, a tap to your toes. And, if you need some inspiration, not to worry, you’ll find a cipher Fridays and Saturdays where you can check out some serious moves; breaking, popping and locking, wacking, house, and more.

This past year, the Get Down celebrated it’s first year anniversary, and saw the likes of DJ Enferno come through. The New Year’s party was incredible. $55 for an open bar until 1am and the best music around, who couldn’t ring in 2012 with pomp? Recently, The Get Down was host to The Break Down III, a competition of b-boys, drawing contestants from local states.

If you haven’t shaken a tail feather at The Get Down yet, what are you waiting for? 701 South Bond St; just a block up from Pazo, and a block down from Blue Moon (the perfect late night).

Like The Get Down on facebook https://www.facebook.com/getdownbaltimore


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