“Vintage blog” Mancation, it’s all about you for a moment

Every now and then life gets to be a little- tedious. At that point, a single girl should go ahead and take herself a nice mancation. What, you might ask yourself, is a mancation? I will tell you, my pretties.

A mancation is a week or so spent with a charming man you know you will not have to worry about after your short rendezvous is over. A mancation works best either combined with a vacation of your own, or the vacation of an out of town guy- preferably from a country with a great accent- Australian, please! This is because you do not want to continue the mancation longer than a week or two. The point of the mancation is to have a glorious time with someone who’s allowed to be perfect because you don’t know them long enough to start seeing their faults. If you stay in touch, the glitter of the mancation will fade, and your prince charming will turn right back into a frog. This is the crux of the mancation.

Do not, under any circumstances, believe the mancation can turn into a real relationship. It cannot. Do not exchange more than phone numbers- you do need a way to make plans while he is in town. Don’t Facebook the guy, or even Twitter him. No email, either. If you do stay in touch, you will learn a number of awful traits about your mancation you wish you had never learned. The point is to thoroughly enjoy the man while he is in your life, and to say Adieu! when he, or you, returns home. Details are not necessary for a mancation, only safety.

The mancation is all about you. Let the tryst revolve around you for the week or two you have together. It’s about pampering. And, while you have the audience, be the star. Indulge in some serious male attention for a while. Go out on a date because you can look forward to being doted upon and because you’re not consumed with the need to please another person. In short, act like a man in a relationship.

If executed correctly, the mancation is a great way to give yourself some rest and relaxation with a nice helping of galantry and romance. Make sure to get the royal treatment in all aspects of the relationship, and thoroughly enjoy yourself. Above all, have fun!


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