“Vintage blog” Can we just be FB friends?

I think we’ve all found ourselves in some pretty interesting situations when it comes to dating. The added benefit of online interactions makes the dating jungle even more… entertaining? Perhaps it’s your imagination running away with itself, creating a glow over the interaction, but can the flesh and blood hold up to that mirage?

Having dabbled, for a very short time, in true online dating years ago, you would think this dating diva would have learned a thing or two. Apparently being off the market for a couple years has made me rusty at just a few things. A couple last forrays “sponsored” by Facebook. Oh Facebook, you cruel bitch. You devious siren. That “friends of friends,” six-degree relation you have with Mr. X makes the whole online dating thing so much more soft and cuddly. Well, if Sarah is friends with Bret, he must be a good guy, right? Sarah also has 532 friends… the chances Sarah really knows Bret: 13 to 1.

You of course check out Mr. X’s Wall, peruse the Photos, scan the Info. Your manifestation of Prince Charming begins. Oh, those rose colored glasses make everthing glimmer. Oh look, you have TV shows in common, he has a great taste in music, his job looks interesting. You miss the music section where “obscure” and “indie” artists are paraded like a prize Westie at Westminster. Wait, was that one TV show included… IRONICALLY? Halfway through the date you realize you are sharing drinks with a self-hating hipster. Oh sure, he “liked” all your hipster joke Statuses. But, yep. He’s talking about how people don’t appreciate some obscure drink or band or blathering on about some obscure clothing line. The cold chill flows down your spine. The sirens go off, but it’s all too late.

Of course, sometimes it’s the more mundane demos you should be looking out for. Demos: demographics. Like, you know, age, or if he has children. I have learned my lesson one too many times that the basic demos should never be forgotten when contemplating pulling someone out of the virtual world into a cafe or restaurant. Treat the profile like you would a short conversation at a bar, get the vitals. This is also a good time to peruse the Wall and Photos. The status might say Single, but if a certain female pops up everywhere, I doubt her understanding of the relationship is “Single.”

Fortunately, in this ADHD world of Facebook, Twitter, Hulu, YouTube, etc., you can almost count on a FB flirt to painlessly fizzle. If you actually went on a date, the situation might become a little more sticky. Friends of Friends and all that, you do not want to come off as a nightmare, you might see this person again, they might talk. The words I always stick to: honesty is the best policy, just don’t be a dick about it. You can nicely tell your FB date, this was great, I’ll catch you on chat, where we can just leave the awkwardness lost in translation of e-comm.


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