“Vintage blog” And what do you do?

At a party recently a girlfriend and I discussed professions that are most sexy for a man to have. For us women who read, and I’m referring to literature, there are actually only a handful of truly sexy, panty-dropping, as my friend described, jobs out there. The chic geek female, as I like to refer to myself and others like me, is always interested in finding a man with a truly inspiring vocation.

Many times, ask a man with a sexy profession and he’ll fervently deny it, making him all the more alluring. Most of these men are true alphas- leaders in their field or amongst their friends and peers, cool of head, in control of his life and surroundings. So, what are these professions the chic geek gal swoons for? Generally, these men are creators, they design/make/build something. Often, they contribute to the common good, in one way or another. There is a Romance in these professions, perhaps at times heart-breaking, but always awesome.

When a chic geek chick gets around to asking a guy what he does, make no mistake, this is an important question, perhaps determining if a conversation continues, or continues into the bedroom! A chic geek lady isn’t looking for a large bank roll, money alone will not impress her. What a man does is often so integral to his character. Sure, what you do for 8 hours (or more) a day isn’t the total sum of all one’s parts; but what you choose to do every day is one part, one part that consumes 1/3 of a life. This is a window, giving a glimpse of who that person is.

A man with one of these inspiring professions is likely to delight the chic geek chickadee with a wonderful variety of enriching interests. Waking up and walking to the nearest art museum or gallery will be part of his whimsy. The best of them won’t take anything too seriously, even those things of which he is passionate. Daily, this man can be surprising, in a good way!

Gentlemen, we thank you. And ladies; if you’re bored out of your mind with the usual business-frat type, you’re probably a chic geek Ms. in need of some quality time with one of these stimulating men. (It’s sort of like reading a great book, only they probably smell better, the men that is.)

Some intriguing professions:

Art Director




Artist (Graphic, Oils, Illustration, etc)

Select scientists


Some doctors

City planner

…feel free to add to the list.


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